The BullRest Memory Foam Travel Pillow Comes In Four Colors The BullRest Travel Pillow Is 80% More Compact Than Regular Travel Pillows The Yellow BullRest Memory Foam Travel Pillow The Blue BullRest Memory Foam Travel Pillow The Gray BullRest Memory Foam Travel Pillow The Orange BullRest Memory Foam Travel Pillow The BullRest Memory Foam Travel Pillow Product Details Man Using The BullRest Memory Foam Travel Pillow Woman Using The BullRest Memory Foam Travel Pillow The BullRest Memory Foam Travel Pillow Comes With A Convenient Carrying Pouch The BullRest Travel Pillow Uses Soft Memory Foam For Superior Comfort

BullRest Memory Foam Travel Pillow


"The BullRest is very comfortable. Like a firm mattress for your skull." The Wall Street Journal

"80% smaller than those clumsy horseshoe-shaped beanbags" Gear Patrol

"A thoughtful design for maximum comfort" Gadget Flow 

 "A must have for business travelers" Yahoo Finance

Designed by medical engineers to correctly align your vertebrae as you sleep, the BullRest is 80% smaller than traditional pillows with an ergonomic design for superior comfort and rest. Unlike traditional travel pillows, the BullRest conveniently fits into any carry-on, and yet doesn't make you look totally ridiculous. Also designed to work in tandem with your noise cancelling headphones. 


Better Alignment
Air Flow
One Size
Memory Foam
Easy to Pack
Carrying Pouch

Every BullRest comes with a microfiber carrying pouch and carabiner so it easily attaches to your bag. In addition to the carrying pouch, there is also a small loop stitched into the outer frame that allows the BullRest to be clipped to a bag.


Unlike most travel pillows that push the head forward, the streamlined BullRest allows you to sit naturally whilst promoting better posture and neck alignment. Our design is symmetrical, meaning it can be used both ways. Furthermore, the low-profile has been designed with over-the-ear headphones in mind. 


The BullRest doesn’t function like a traditional travel pillow. Traditional pillows simply provide cushion by way of collapsing foam or beads. This means, that after prolonged use, the pillow collapses on itself and needs to be realigned. The BullRest is different, in that it works by actively supporting the head (occiput) and shoulders, whilst keeping the upper vertebrae C1-C7 in correct alignment.


The BullRest is designed to be used whilst seated. Meaning it's perfect for the plane, train, bus, car, or even at home on the couch gaming or reading. It requires a surface to lean against for the product to function correctly, therefore if you're one of those people that like to wear your travel pillow through the airport, then the BullRest probably isn't for you.  


Hand washable with a damp cloth and soap.


Our designers have specifically designed the BullRest to fit over 85% of the adult population. If a traditional travel pillow works for you, so will the BullRest.



Weight: 6.8oz. 193g.


Choose from four unique color ways: Gray, Orange, Blue and Yellow.  

U.S. Pat. Nos. D778,086; 9,615,682, & other patents pending. 

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